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Battery solutions for the toughest operating conditions

The profile of Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc.


Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc. partners with a comprehensive range of customers in the United States, providing quality, heavy duty motive power batteries for industrial applications. TRIATHLON develops and produces these high-performance batteries for use in a wide range of industrial motive power applications, such as electric forklifts and pallet trucks, mobile lifting platforms, cleaning machines and other material handling equipment.

Whether based on the established Lead-Acid cell chemistries or the pioneering Lithium-Ion technology – we offer our customers the best customised solution for their requirements. Based on our decades of experience and in-depth technical know-how, we are one of the leading suppliers of traction batteries in the industrial sector.

Key to our local support is our production facility in Texas, USA where we assemble Lead-Acid batteries of all specifications and provide quality TRIATHLON® German built Lithium battery solutions for the local market. To ensure exceptional customer experiences we provide US wide, engineering, service, parts and warranty support for the entire range of TRIATHLON® batteries and chargers.

The heart of our Lithium-Ion production is the Glauchau plant in Saxony, Germany. We have created state-of-the-art production conditions for Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium-Ion battery systems on more than 55,000 m2. The certifications of Triathlon Batterien GmbH according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 prove our high qualitystandards.



International support

With our strong network of sales partners in the US, Germany, numerous other European countries and Australia, we guarantee competent consulting for our customers in every situation.

We accompany our customers holistically from planning to commissioning of the battery solution they require. We are pleased to assist you with the transition from Lead-Acid to TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion battery systems.

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