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Achieve top results in a wide range of material handling requirements

Lithium-Ion batteries for every motive power application.

TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion batteries have been developed and constructed for safe, reliable use in electric fork lifts and pallet jacks. TRIATHLON® battery systems are exclusively designed with high performance Lithium-Ion cells which fulfill all requirements for heavy duty industrial motive power use.

Tomorrow’s technology, already safe and cost-effective today!

This complete battery system, made in Germany, consists of lithium-ion battery cells and modules, intelligent monitoring and control systems, extensive safety componentry, and a high-frequency opportunity/fast charger that communicates with the battery via CAN bus protocol.

The battery system has active protection componentry which monitors the entire system and virtually eliminates any misuse.

As on option, TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion battery systems can be delivered with an externally wired and separately mounted multifunctional display that communicates battery discharge levels and other critical information. 

Lithium-Ion batteries Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc.


Battery system specifications:

  • Rated voltage: 24, 36, 48, 72, 80, 96, 120 volt
  • Available battery system energy content: 1.9 to 190.0 kWh
  • Available capacities: 74 to > 2000 Ah
  • Discharging temperature range: -28° C to +50° C / -18° F to +122° F
  • Charging temperature range: -28° C to +50° C / -18° F to +122° F
  • Storage temperature range: -20° C to +45° C / -4° F to +113° F
  • Charge factor: < 1.03


Charging system specifications:

  • Voltage: 24 to 80 volt
  • Available charging power: 1.4 to 36 kWh
  • Available charging currents: 50 to 400 ampere
  • Efficiency: 95 to 97 %
  • No centralized charging station needed


Lithium-ion batterie brochure

System features

  • Flexible - the TRIATHLON® battery system can be used and charged anywhere and at any time.
  • Fast Charge –  full charging is possible within one hour.
  • Opportunity Charge – opportunity charging is possible and encouraged at any state of charge and will not reduce battery life.
  • Zero Emission – no gassing.
  • Efficiency – a high tech battery system combined with an extremely efficient high-frequency charger with easy to read display.
  • Capacity – the available energy is much greater than that of lead-acid batteries in the same box size. In most cases multishift use is possible without battery change-outs.
  • Performance - the higher sustained voltage priories of the TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion battery result in faster more consistent lifting and driving performance, especially noticeable toward the end of the shift.
  • Energy Recuperation – the TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion battery readily accepts any current fed back from the lift truck and uses it to increase run-time without any damage to the battery.
  • Safe – the TRIATHLON® battery system is equipped with deep discharge and overcharge protection, individual cell temperature and voltage monitoring and various other safeguards which will prevent a short-circuit.
  • Active - the TRIATHLON® battery system has active protection componentry which prevents application errors virtually 100% of the time.
  • TriCOM more - allows optional charging of up to eight batteries with only one charger.
  • TriCOM SR-Switching Technology - High system efficiency of up to 97 %.

Application advantages

  • More flexibility due to decentralized charging stations.
  • No explosion hazard and no odors due to gassing.
  • Longer operating times and higher productivity due to fast and opportunity charging.
  • The TRIATHLON® battery system is absolutely maintenance-free - it does not have to be topped off with water. 
  • No need for battery change-outs and additional spare batteries.
  • No battery change-out equipment needed - the TRIATHLON® battery stays in the vehicle during charging and throughout its useful life.
  • No need for centralized battery rooms with expensive ventilation systems and fire doors.
  • Very low operating costs combined with significant savings in electricity and water costs.
  • TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) - significantly reduced total lifetime costs.
  • Virtually 100 % protection against application errors.
  • Significantly reduced CO2 footprint.
  • Different battery capacities and voltages can be charged on the same charger.

Fast and easy conversion

TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion batteries can simply replace current lead-acid batteries without any modification to  new or existing lift trucks. Custom designed trays with similar dimensions and weights and features make the conversion very straightforward: "LEAD OUT - LITHIUM IN".

You begin from day one experiencing the cost savings and efficiency of TRIATHLON® Lithium-Ion technology.

Triathlon Lithium-Ion batteries