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MODEX 2024

Meet us at MODEX 2024
March 11 - 14,  2024

Sunlight and Triathlon, now united as One Company, will participate together at MODEX 2024!

Our joint participation signifies more than just a showcase; it is a commitment to becoming the industry leader in providing energy solutions for a world in motion.


Expanding Far and Wide

With three units across the US, our distribution now reaches from the East Coast to the West, acting as a premier one-stop store for every need.

Empowering Growth

We are not just getting bigger; we are getting stronger with our global team of experts and cutting-edge innovations. This is a moment where our teams will stand shoulder to shoulder, spotlighting our boundless capabilities and innovative solutions. 


Featured products

Our energy solutions

Complete Energy Solutions with Lithium-ion batteries, chargers, and the innovative load peak management “MD LOADmanagement” - now also ready for wallboxes and the integration of our industrial energy storage systems

Our IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions are designed to help improve the management and performance of batteries and the industrial vehicles they power.

With Sunlight KnoWi you can make data-driven decisions for your application, harness data and evaluate a switch to lithium batteries.
Sunlight GLocal contributes to preventive maintenance and equipment protection, maximizing battery service life and reducing costs.
With Triathlon TriVIEW you get a live view of the status of your chargers and the state of charge of the batteries.