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Statement on a cyber security incident at Triathlon

Update on a recent cybersecurity incident

Update on a recent cybersecurity incident affecting a part of our operations in Triathlon Germany, the Dallas USA plant, and the Australian subsidiary. The attack occurred over the weekend 28-29 January 2024, as part of a wider attack by professional hackers, in an organized way, to several entities in Germany. As soon as the attack to our entities was detected, the Group IT Security department informed the competent authorities, including the Federal Police Division responsible for cybercrime. The Security IT Department duly activated its cybersecurity protocols and action plan and is working with leading cybersecurity experts to design and achieve full recovery. Our Legal and Compliance teams are working closely with the law enforcement agencies and competent Authorities.

To ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain of Triathlon, we have implemented a robust interim solution which allows the affected facilities to resume production, anticipating to be fully recovered by the end of the current week. A support plan from the mother company Sunlight Group for the affected facilities was set in motion, utilizing volumes from other facilities to both Europe and the US, showcasing the robust capabilities within our Group. The diverse production and operational capabilities of Sunlight Group play a pivotal role in minimizing the impact towards our suppliers and customers. The safety and security of our operations remain a top priority, and additional measures have been implemented to strengthen our systems against future incidents