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MD LOADmanagement

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Our digital load management MD LOAD offers you a high added value for both Lithium-Ion battery systems and Lead-Acid batteries. One of the great advantages of Lithium-Ion technology is its fast and intermediate charging capability at any time. A battery system can be fully charged within one hour. This fast charging requires correspondingly powerful chargers of the TriCOM ion series, which, despite having one of the highest efficiencies of up to 97 %, require very high mains connection power, especially during simultaneous operation, e.g. during breaks. This leads to a high peak load and causes corresponding costs for the power price at your energy supplier. In addition to the increased costs, the existing infrastructure also reaches its performance limits.

MD LOAD offers real added value for peak loads!

MD LOADmanagement significantly reduces the grid connection power through intelligent charging management without restricting the availability of the vehicles. The battery first transmits the current state of charge to the charger. This information is transmitted to the MD LOAD control centre. An intelligent algorithm controls the individual chargers and optimises their power output. In the process, a variably adjustable power limit of all chargers is maintained. As a result, this leads to considerable cost savings in the power price of the energy supplier and relieves the infrastructure.

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A head start with MD LOAD
  • Higher handling capacity equals higher energy demand
  • The use of new technology (fast charging / Lithium-Ion) means that more energy is required in the shortest possible time
  • Intelligent and flexible control of power limits avoids high energy costs from load peaks
  • When the power limit of the infrastructure (e.g. grid connection line) is reached, the MD LOAD always keeps the power demand below the set limit
  • Monitoring, tracking and visualisation of the energy demand of the charging infrastructure
Advantages of TriCOM ion
  • Short charging times
  • No battery change necessary
  • No changing station - storage space can be used for other purposes
  • Intermediate charging possible
  • Charging capacity 5x higher than Lead-Acid batteries
  • Maximum utilisation - highest availability of the vehicle fleet

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With MD LOADmanagement, electricity costs are reduced and extensive investment costs avoided. Through intelligent and dynamic priority management, the respective battery always receives just the charging power that is necessary to ensure the availability of all vehicles in total.


You have the option of gaining access to the TriVIEW web platform. All data of your charging stations and chargers are recorded there. The live status of your chargers and the state of charge of the batteries is visualised for you and can thus be experienced at a glance.



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