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Simply reliable operation

TRIATHLON® Lead-Acid Batteries


TRIATHLON® Lead-Acid Batteries utilize the highly sophisticated European tubular plate technology with flexible bolt-on inter-cell cable connectors. TRIATHLON® Tubular Batteries are designed specifically for all motive power heavy duty applications and multi-shift operations. For light to medium applications, we provide maintenance-free (valve-regulated) gel technology batteries that stand out for their excellent cycle life and ease of use.

TRIATHLON® product lines ensure safe and reliable power for electric lift trucks. We are constantly and consistently working on new innovative power solutions for safe, cost-efficient, productivity enhancing and reliable motive power battery solutions.

Our customers determine the minimum requirements for their application. We provide exactly the solution that is required. A wide range of product variants are available for this purpose, which, depending on the configuration, are characterised by optimum electrolyte circulation, excellent recycling capabilities, high cycle stability or reduced water refill intervals, among other things.




icon Battery Guard 4.0

Battery controller with wireless communication

In today’s world it is necessary to have constant availability of your electric powered forklifts. Safe, reliable and efficient use of your traction motive power equipment is an absolute requirement.

The icon Battery Guard 4.0 records and collects all relevant data events between the lift truck, battery and charger. These recorded events are be retrieved into a computer through wireless communication via Bluetooth.

Controlling the charging and discharging activity as well as monitoring the battery temperatures and the electrolyte levels are important measures to ensure the maximum operating time of the vehicle fleet at all times. In the constantly growing leasing and rental business, recording the
battery data and monitoring the battery condition is critical.

In order to measure the battery current, the icon Battery Guard 4.0 has a current measuring head, which can be opened and fitted to any flexible inter-cell connector or termination lead. The overall voltage measurement with automatic
voltage detection (range 18 - 150V DC) is performed on the pole terminals of the battery.

The sensors for battery temperature and electrolyte level control are wired to the icon Battery Guard 4.0. The temperature probe is inserted between the center cells of the traction battery and the installation of the electrolyte level sensor is achieved by inserting the temperature probe through a drilled hole on the top of the cell’s cover.

Technical features:

  • Intelligent current measurement – by using an easily mountable current measuring head.
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth – the relevant operating data in the interaction between industrial truck, traction battery and charger can be recorded, stored and retrieved.
  • High storage capacity – Storage of more than 4,000 discharge and charge data events with date, time and duration.
  • Status display – with programmable status information.
  • Digital display – customizable content dipslay e.g. voltage, current, charge state, temperature, last charge fault information.
  • Robust flat housing – shock and vibration tested, according to industry standard IP 65.
  • Easy installation – no special tools required.
  • Intelligent reporting – your saved data can be uploaded to the Internet. Your individual report is generated from this data.
  • info Battery Guard software – for individual programming of the controller and management of the data.


  • Battery monitoring equipment
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery Controller

The following data is saved:

  • Number of charges
  • Number of intermediate charges
  • Number and duration of low electrolyte level incidents
  • Number and duration of extreme (high or low) temperature incidents
  • Number and duration of deep discharges
  • Charge and discharge data

Options for further processing of the stored data:

  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Transfer of data to a laptop/PC
  • Transmission of data to the battery charger
  • Transmission of data to the vehicle electronics
  • Transmission of data to other Bluetooth devices
  • Battery management systems


  • Water refilling system AQUAmatic 4.0
    Reliable filling of batteries with water
  • Level sensor AQUAcontrol
    Continuous monitoring and display of battery electrolyte level
  • Battery controller "Battery Guard"
    Continuous monitoring and control of battery and charger operating conditions
  • Electrolyte circulation
    Efficient removal of acid stratification to reduce energy and water consumption


  • AQUAmobil water refill trolley
    Location-independent and mains-independent filling of industrial batteries with demineralised water
  • Charging technology
    Optimum charging conditions with TriCOM series chargers to achieve maximum efficiency


TRIATHLON® Lead-Acid Batteries Structure