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Mobile water refill cart

The AQUAmobil is quite simply a mobile cart mounted water tank with a battery operated pump system.

The AQUAmobil consists of a plastic container or tank, submersible pump, battery, charger and trolley as well as a 2.5 m (8 ft.) long hose line with quick coupling and barber shop style flow indicator. The blue plastic container is designed to prevent algae growth that is often common
in similar systems.

System features

  • No installation required.
  • Mobile watering – allows you to fill your batteries with deionized water anywhere in your facility independent of your water and power sources.
  • Optimum fill pressure.
  • Functional reliability – compatible with all commercially available fill systems.
  • Cost savings – duration of the filling process is considerably reduced.
  • Easy handling – filling height exactly at the same level as the battery.
  • Option – fill gun.


  • Maintenance accessories


  • AQUAcontrol Standard
  • AQUAcontrol Plus (with remote light)
  • AQUAcontrol Plus 2.0 (with external LED at the connector)
  • AQUAcontrol Small (for 2/3 PzB and 2 PzS batteries)
  • Maintenance accessories