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next Battery Guard

By using the electronic next Battery Guard, the proper rotation of all charged batteries in the charging station can be achieved. The next Battery Guard consists of a programmed electronic signal system which records all batteries in chronological order of the charger switch-off time after the full charge. The electronic signal system of the next Battery Guard can manage up to 256 chargers and is installed in either the housing of the charger or in a separate housing.



System features:

  • Built-on signal LEDs can be fitted to different TriCOM housings.
  • Possibility of installing in the docking station of the charging plugs together with the signal LED.
  • Up to 256 chargers per battery pool.
  • Management of different battery pools possible.
  • Switch for LED light test.
  • Option: Wireless networking via radio modem.
  • Option: Warning signal or horn in case of incorrect operation.


  • Battery management systems
  • Use – optimizes the utilization of batteries.
  • Order – ensures the proper usage order of each batteries after a full charge and cool down.
  • Process reliability – clear identification of the battery to be used next.
  • Service life– extends and ensures the service life of your batteries.
  • Cost saving– reduces the investment costs for batteries and chargers.
  • User-friendly– clearly visible and intelligent LED signal prevents selection mistakes made by operators.


  • Battery management systems
icon Battery Guard 4.0

icon Battery Guard 4.0

Battery controller with wireless communication