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TriCOM® FUTUR work

Innovative technology for traction batteries

The TriCOM® FUTUR series traction battery chargers feature a highly integrated high frequency switching technology. The chargers operate using clocked driver circuit semiconductors. User-friendly, compact and stable cabinets ensure trouble-free operation and facilitate ease of use.
The electronic charging system controlled by a microprocessor monitors the charging process and ensures an optimally charged battery. Overall quality, quality assurance and continuous improvement are of highest priority and guarantee a market leading charging system.

The TriCOM® FUTUR work charger is a universal charger in that, for example, it can charge a single 2 V cell as well as a 12 V AGM block-type battery can be fully formed, desulfate charged or traditionally charged. Thanks to the simple operation via the input field at the display, you are easily guided through the menu. Charging will start after having entered battery type and battery voltage, charging profile, Ah and other optional parameters.

System features:

  • Charging voltages – adjustable in 2 V increments.
  • Selection – Battery type, charging characteristics and charging capacities are easily selectable.
  • Service charge curves and refresh modes.
  • Safety – protected against incorrect settings due to automatic adjustment of current, voltage and time parameters depending on the battery type.
  • Graphic display – precise information on all relevant charging and maintenance data with time and date function.
  • Desulfation 24 h, 48 h , 72 h and formation.
  • Timer – switch-on time programmable.
  • Options – Remote control in the separate housing (max. 20 m), DC cable extension per meter compensation, circuit boards coated for increased corrosion protection, Charger stand feet available for cabinet sizes HF 450 / 550 instead of wall mounting.


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