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Two strong performers

Innovative high-frequency (HF) charging technology with two strong performers – TriCOM® FUTUR and TriCOM® FUTUR smart. The TriCOM® FUTUR charger series for traction and block-type batteries features a highly integrated circuit technology. TriCOM® FUTUR chargers do not operate with conventional thyristors, but with clocked driver circuit semiconductors.
User-friendly, compact and stable cabinets ensure trouble-free operation and facilitate ease of use. The electronic charging system is controlled by a microprocessor which monitors the charging process and ensures an optimally charged battery. Overall quality, quality assurance and
continuous improvement are of highest priority and guarantee a market leading charging system.

As a result of an improved efficiency compared to conventional chargers, the energy consumption is reduced by up to 20%. The optional »IONIC Mixing« reduces the power consumption again by up to 10% and significantly extends the battery watering intervals of the traction battery due to lower water consumption.

System features:

  • Very high efficiency – energy costs reduced by up to 20%.
  • Low residual ripple – significantly lower heating of the battery during charge.
  • Greatly reduced volume and weight – small space requirement, on-board ability.
  • FUTUR® charge curve – patented charging method for dynamic, particularly “soft” charging - regardless of the battery type, battery age or state of charge.
  • Graphic display – precise information of all relevant charging and maintenance data with time and date function.
  • Status display – traffic light function with high-performance LEDs (visible from a distance).
  • Service notifications – accurate display of all maintenance needs and faults.
  • ConVision – compact programming and analysis system, storage of the last 256 charging data sets, optimum analysis possibility for your vehicle fleet, exact error checking in the event of a fault, read-out option without additional work.
  • Fully automatic charging process – Plug & Play for all battery states of discharge.
  • Programmable charge curves – one device for all battery technologies, optimized setting for each application.
  • Delayed start option – flexible and uniform utilization of the existing energy resources.
  • Electrical safety to EN standards – safe operation in all applications.
  • Options –Temperature sensor, battery management counter, IONIC Mixing, remote control, electrolyte circulation system - high flexibility, ideal adaptation possibilities, investment security.


  • Charging systems
  • Lead-Acid batteries – low-maintenance and maintenance-free
  • Nickel-Cadmium batteries
  • Lithium-Ion batteries – optional with CAN-Interface
  • Other battery types – programmable on request


  • next Battery Guard 4.0 – the proven, intelligent monitoring system, networked by radio.
  • icon Battery Guard 4.0 – with the new wireless battery controller.
  • Central Monitoring – of batteries and chargers (individually configurable).
  • NetVision – remote access to chargers via internet/mobile within a charging station.
  • ConVision App – monitoring and readout function of the charger for tablets and smartphones.
  • Chargers